Basic information about Canadian Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

  1. Universal healthcare: Everyone in the country who has Permanent residence or Citizen is covered
  2. County spends 12.5% of GDP on healthcare
  3. 2.6 doctors and 10.3 Nurse per 1000 patients are available in service
  4. Per capita spending around $3000/yr
  5. Life Expectancy ~80 years
  6. Out of 100, 66% Visits to doctors get prescriptions
  7. Most of the Government spending on pharmaceutical is on anti-TNF drugs and Biologics, and anti-Viral drugs. Most public dollar is spent on Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and Hepatitis C drugs.
  8. Spendings on Statin has been reduced in comparison to previous years.
  9. Government initiative of Pan -Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance has reduced drug spending by $0.5 billion.
  10. Generic Pricing Policy lead to $ saving and has been offset by spending on Biologics
  11. Public sector spending on drugs is increasing by 4% whereas Private by 2%
  12. Prescription Drug spending split in 2014: $29.4 bn, 43% by Public, 35% by Private, 22% is out of pocket
Source CIHI

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